Global Solutions

Focus on the solution, not on the problem

UAP Guernsey Pension Plans and Trusts are run by Concept Group Limited which is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission

Solutions for US Connected Persons

Were you or your clients born in the USA or hold a green card or visa for the USA, or going to work in the USA?

If so, we have solutions that will enable you to keep your investments overseas.

Solutions for UK Domiciled individuals

Solutions for UK Domiciled individual / additional retirement planning for UK individuals.

Are you or your clients domiciled in the UK, looking for additional retirement planning or hold UK sited investments such as real estate?

If so, we have solutions to suit these circumstances.

Solutions for South African individuals

Are you or your clients looking to leave or move to South Africa or looking for a retirement savings plan outside of South Africa?

If so, we have solutions to suit these circumstances.

European Solution

For individuals who have left the UK, with no intention to return and live within Europe who require alternative solutions for UK pension schemes.

Trust Products

For individuals who wish to leave a legacy for future generations.