Products and Services

UAP Guernsey Pension Plans and Trusts are managed by a selection of reputable providers, each carefully chosen based on the client's unique circumstances. These providers are overseen by the appropriate local financial services legislation based upon the client's jurisdiction, always ensuring high standards of service.

Trust & Company Management

The stability that Guernsey provides makes it a perfect location to establish trust arrangements. A trust is a legal agreement to transfer the ownership of assets from one party (settlor) to another (trustee) for the benefit of someone else (beneficiary). This is commonly used in estate planning to ensure that the named beneficiaries are taken care of in the event of death of the settlor. There are a number of different trust structures that can be set up for example:

Discretionary Trust

This provides the most flexibility to both the settlor and the beneficiary whilst allowing the trustee a range of discretionary powers relating to the management of the trust throughout its life.

Excluded Property Trust

This trust structure allows the settlor, normally a UK resident but with a non-UK domicile but is expected to become UK Domiciled at some point. This trust offers to protect the assets from UK inheritance tax. The assets within the trust typically grow tax-free and remain outside of the settlor’s estate.

Pension Structures

International Benefits Plan

With the movement of people and the ease of relocation, building sufficient contributions in one country in order to receive a state pension becomes increasingly more difficult. The International Benefits Plan has been created and written under Contract to enable internationally mobile people to take control of their retirement planning needs. This plan offers the benefit of being a safe and secure vehicle that is classed as an international plan and can therefore hold a diverse range of assets whilst maintaining a tax-efficient position which will comfortably and independently-run alongside current pension provisions.


A contract-based plan that has specifically been designed for individuals who have a US connection or are US Nationals. It gives members the option to hold non-US assets and have access to a diversified pool of investment categories. With access available from age 55 and an income for the lifetime of the member, this plan structure provides a tax compliant environment for the growth on funds within the plan.

Corporate Employee Benefits

We offer bespoke corporate employee benefit solutions in the form of either trust or contract as well as international savings plans tailored to the specific needs of the employer.